Weigh Loaders

Years of field experience
As pioneers in the automatic weigh loading and weigh blending of plastic materials, Hamilton equipment includes the latest in reliable components and control conveniences based on years of field experience.
These systems help you maintain inventory level records and, when combined with in-plant weighing equipment, can signal re-order levels automatically. Such information permits easy tracing of material batch information, assures complete emptying of railcar deliveries and shows just where each pound of plastics is used. Hundreds of successful Hamilton weigh loading and blending installations are in operation today.

Operating like standard vacuum loading systems, each receiving hopper is mounted on weigh cells to provide absolute accuracy. The system can be programmed to stop loading when a pre-set weight is reached, or to simply record each load as the hopper is filled.

PLC controls are supplied with an operator interface, and can be customized to your specific requirements.

Printer options can be integrated in the control enclosure or supplied as stand-alone units. In either case, a permanent record is created to document each loading station’s performance. Such information can be broadcast to central computers.

Hamilton Weight Loader
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