Resin Loaders

Vectra resin loader is easy to maintain
When space and ceiling height are an issue, the Vectra series of resin loaders are an excellent choice. Designed from the powder loading family, the resin loader can handle a wide variety of dusty regrinds to free flowing pulverized resins.

Equipped with a smooth-wall interior, and a compact filter chamber, the Vectra resin loader is easy to maintain. Quick release latches and utility connections allows easy no-tools disassembly with 360° independent orientation of the base and lid assembly allows complete installation flexibility.

Hamilton’s unique, removable filter plate module, means filter changes are faster and cleaner than competitive designs.

Options include brushless integral motor and wear plate.

Hamilton Resin Loader

Standard Features

  • 60° Hi flow cone for rapid material discharge.
  • All carbon steel construction.
  • Positive seal, conic valve discharge.
  • Heavy duty rotary demand switch.
  • Modular design.
  • Tangential Inlet.
  • 8″ And 15″ body diameters’.
  • Hi volume Blow back.

Category: Vacuum Loading