Hot Runner Controllers

By Hamilton


  • Soft start function
  • Blown fuse notification
  • Amps feature – lets you know if a heater is failing
  • Controllers from 4 to 12 stations
  • Power & thermocouple cables
  • Cards are universally compatible
HHot runner controls from Hamilton Plastic Systems offer a unique blown fuse notification feature. The control indicates when a fuse is blown, allowing quick repair. No more putting control cards in a “to be repaired bin” for just a blown fuse.

An amps feature allows the user to check on heaters to see if they are about to fail or have failed.

Hamilton’s hot runner controllers have cards that are universally compatible with other hot runner control systems. Control cards, mainframes and complete systems are in stock. The company offers a prompt repair service for cables.

The controls come with 10 foot long cables in a DME standard configuration. Custom configurations and cable lengths are available. Mobil carts are an option for ease of movement from machine to machine.

Category: Central Systems, Heat Transfer