Central System Controls

The Meridian Series
Hamilton manufactures a wide variety of loader control systems, from custom systems designed to your specifications to our line of standard controls. The meridian series is one of Hamilton’s most versatile control systems available. With a long list of standard features, this control system can meet the most demanding applications.

Meridian 4

Meridian 4 is one of Hamilton’s most advanced control systems. With a system configuration of up to 96 stations, 32 vacuum pumps and 32 purge valves, and a long list of standard features, this control system can meet the most demanding applications.

First in, first out technology along with station prioritization ensures that your receivers keep up with higher demand machines without sacrificing system performance. This feature is beneficial when particular stations demand material more frequently than others. Simply, by automatically identifying which stations require priority, the controller will satisfy these stations prior to other stations.

Hamilton’s proprietary common material sequence can be assigned to any of the pumps to eliminate vacuum leaks and improve system throughput.

Easy to use intuitive control requires little to no training.The 7″ wide TFT display provides on screen prompts for progload times and adjusting other system parameters.

Standard Features

  • Expandable up to 96 stations
  • 7” TFT display
  • Multi password protection with assignable levels
  • Station monitor – see which station is loading and the stations that are next
  • Nema 12 enclosure
  • Adjustable and selectable maintenance alarms
  • Purge valve functionality
  • System expandability
  • User defined station and pump names
  • Alarm history
  • Station force: force station into immediate operation regardless of condition
  • Station prioritization allowing the high output machines the time they need
  • Idle time setting to save energy
  • Flexible assignment of loaders to pumps
  • Maintenance timers and adjustable alarms for vacuum pumps and loaders


Tech Sheet

Meridian 1

Easy to use control (sets up in minutes). The LCD display provides on screen prompts for programming load times and other setting at each vacuum receiver.

Easy to set station Priority so that machines with higher consummation will never run out of material. Priority fill is beneficial when a particular station or stations are on demand more frequently than others. Simply by identifying which station(s) requires priority the controller on demand will satisfy these station(s) prior to non priority stations.

Expandable up to 24 stations in blocks of 8 stations The expansions modules can be placed as far as 1000 feet from the master control.

Hamilton Meridian 1

Standard Features

  • Operator adjustable Microprocessor control 100% solid state
  • All timing functions programmable
  • Password protection
  • Station On/Off switches through controller
  • NEMA 12 control enclosure
  • Priority control on all stations
  • No material alarm (Audio and visual)

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